ICC Cricket T20 World Cup 2021 Prize Money

T20 Cricket is now become very popular people more like to watch T20 Cricket then Test and ODI Matches because t20 cricket is more fast and less time taking . Due to the popularity of t20 Cricket ICC has start T20 Cricket World Cup from 2007 and every 2 year it happened. due the covid-19 last year Australia are failed to host ICC t20 Cricket World and now it will held in india this year 2021.

The Prize Money of ICC T20 Cricket world Cup are given below you can see full details the Winner of ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Prize Money for 2021 and runner up.

StagesPrize Money 2020
Champions$3.5 million
Runner-ups$1.5 million
Semi Finalist$750k
Super 10 Winning Bonus$50k
Participation Share$300k
Highest Run Scorer$100k
Man of the Series$100k

Prize Money of Previous t20 World Cups

WinnersRunnerupSemifinal (Losing Teams)Quarterfinals (Losing Teams)Total
2007 $2.4m$1m$400,000$175,000$5m
2011 $3.2m$1.5m$500,000$225,000$8m
2015 $3.9m$1.75m$600,000$300,000$10m
2019 $5m$2.2m$1m$500,000 (8 eliminated teams in group stage)$14m